Jenny Yang's Ceiling Fan

Jenny Yang's Ceiling Fan

This is my bedroom ceiling fan. It's what I stare at every morning to start my day. Stare at it for too long, contemplate it too much and it starts looking a little sad and confused.

The contractor was too hasty when he reinstalled it after completing renovations: one blade is crooked, he couldn't find the light cover and the thing buzzes like it's prepared for take-off when it's turned on.

But, it works.

During the muggiest summer nights that little thing buzzed its air-circulating way onto my skin and into my heart.

What can I say? I root for the underdog.

Sometimes seeking perfection and having "high standards" leads to unhappiness and just plain having the wrong priorities.

I haven't purchased a new ceiling fan. Why? Because this one gets the job done. More importantly, because seeing it up there everyday reminds me of all the awesome things I *have* been doing with my time instead of spending the money and energy on replacing my ceiling fan - starting a podcast on creativity and entrepreneurship, completely purging and reorganizing my house, helping awesome clients organize their spaces to uplift their lives and joyously writing more from my heart this summer than even that prolific run I had writing angsty poetry in the sixth grade.

Allowing for the imperfection in this ceiling fan means I can focus on the great things in my life that bring meaning, joy and connectedness.

Now THAT'S my idea of perfection.