• Eat two Activia lights with slivered almonds.• Grill sliced eggplants for later use. • Watch Bad Teacher to make sure we get it back to Redbox within 3 hours. • Clean the bathroom with my special vinegar and water solution. • Take a nap after snacking on all those foods. • Watch Saturday Night Live on Hulu because I want to make sure I catch my internet connection when it is live in case it goes down like it sometimes does. • Catch up on all my DVRed shows. Delete the ones I know I will not watch. Fast forward through the ones I know I need to see but don’t want to invest in the time to sit through it in real time. • Wash the dishes. • Organize my clothes. Put them all in the same direction and in order of color gradient and category.

• Make sure my bowels are adequately evacuated to be light enough for writing. • Weep a little to my boyfriend about being scared about writing and sucking. • Weep a little more to my boyfriend about being scared.