Jenny Yang. March 13, 2012 (written for Monk Turner’s upcoming color concept album)

Yellow with an attitude.

Yellow is supposed to be mellow, but I disagree. Yellow is much more assertive than you think. Less butter. More sunshine. Less autumn leaves. More highlighter. I don't know how we got this reputation. Mellow Yellow? Perhaps Yellow felt too bright when it first arrived. The other colors didn't know what to make of her. Red was Fiery. Orange was Offbeat. Pink? know Pink. Pink was just Above-it-all. Yellow had to Pale in comparison. That was the spectrally-acceptable thing to do. You know how groups of color can be. Follow our rules or you don't play. But it's a different time now. Yellow no longer needs to be mellow. We can embrace the more outstanding qualities of our hue. When we arrive. You will notice. When we show up. You have been warned. Don't. Fuck. With. Yellow. And now you know.