to celebrate national novel writing month (or the unfortunately nicknamed "NaNoWriMo") this year i will spare myself the white-hair-inducing effects of writing 50,000 words in the month of November by writing a story a day.

these stories will be of any length and veer into any territory i wish. the idea is for me to write one a day for every day of november. these will be first drafts with minimal editing.

if you are into any of it. please comment below! perhaps you can help me figure out if there's ANYthing in these stories worth adapting or polishing into something awesome.

story 21. nancy the pig and bobby the turtle try to be friends (by jenny yang. sunday, november 24, 2013)

nancy the pig really loves bobby the turtle.  bobby the turtle is super friendly!  he smiles at nancy all the time. they have such a great time in the pond together - mostly bobby playing in the pond and nancy watching on the side. nancy doesn’t do well in the water.  secretly, nancy wants bobby the turtle to be her boyfriend.  bobby told nancy it’s not possible.  nancy said okay, but continues to play with bobby.  this is fun for nancy but every time they play, she still wants to be in love with bobby and it hurts her a little in her heart every time.

one day, a wise wise swan swam over to nancy, after watching nancy and bobby play in the pond for many weeks.

“sweet, sweet pig. what is your name?” said the swan.

“me?  you are a swan and you are talking to me? my name is nancy. what is your name?” said nancy.

“my name is Cindy. i’ve been in this pond for many, many years and I just wanted to say hello. i also noticed how good you are with bobby the turtle?” said cindy the swan.

“yes. we are dear, dear friends.” said nancy, with a hint of sadness.

“why are you a little sad about this?” asked cindy.

“oh...i really like bobby.  and i like spending time with him. but deep down i know that we cannot really be together,” said nancy.

cindy looked sad for nancy. “i’m sorry, nancy. it must feel bad to love someone and not receive the same love in return.”

a tear comes down nancy’s eye. it mixes in with the dirt on nancy’s plump pig cheeks and falls into the pond.


“yes. i guess i am more sad about this than i thought,” confessed nancy.

“sometimes, when doing something makes me feel bad,  we have to let things go,” said cindy. “especially in matters of the heart. it is difficult but i want you to be a happy pig. i’ve noticed from afar that you are not smiling as much anymore. please be happy,” said cindy.

nancy felt another tear plop down into the pond.

cindy added, “when something is difficult, i believe honesty is the best answer.”


“i cannot stop crying,” said nancy.


these tears rippled to the other side of the pond.  the ripples lapped onto bobby the turtle’s shell.  bobby turned around and noticed his friend, nancy the pig, crying with the swan.  he swam over to console his friend.

“hello ms. swan.  nancy, why are you cryng? don’t be sad,” said bobby.

nancy gulped a mouthful of courage and said, “i am sad because i don’t think we can hang out so much anymore. it makes me sad because we cannot be together.”

bobby the turtle is stunned silent.  cindy the swan bows her head in farewell and swims away.

bobby finally speaks. “i’m so sorry to have caused these tears. i think you are the best ever. i understand if that is what we must do.”

they high-five in the only awkward fashion that a pig and a turtle can do - stump to stump. in fact, nancy the pig doesn’t know her own strength and pushes bobby’s front foot so hard bobby is pushed into the deepest end of the pond.

he won’t drown, silly. he’s a turtle.

the end.