At the end of this, I shall be a baby road warrior. 



Between August and November, I'll be getting some wear on my new cheetah print high-top Nike's (I've resolved to dress as much like Justin Bieber as possible because as far as I can tell people think he's a pretty cool guy). 

LIVIN THE DREAM RIGHT NOW! Have most of America heard of me?  Do I have a mansion with chocolate shake fountains and cream puff castles? Not yet. BUT, I've really been enjoying being "full-time freelance" as a writer, show producer and comic!

 I've been alternating between day jobs on television comedy productions for a few months and then having a chunk of time to produce, write and perform comedy.  During this time, I made it into the Finals of the legendary Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest (Finals happen in December) at the Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank and became a regular there!

AMERICA: Watch me while I redefine success ONE FAILED JOKE AT A TIME! Look at all of this America that I will cover!  


It's been great to connect with new people in the Bay Area for our two sold-out San Francisco Dis/orient/ed Comedy shows last week (fun photos of the evening here).  

 "Chipotle ain't shit!" - Mayan Chicken Katsu Sushirrito, San Francisco. Yeah. I know. LOOK. AT. IT.

 "Chipotle ain't shit!" - Mayan Chicken Katsu Sushirrito, San Francisco. Yeah. I know. LOOK. AT. IT.

Um. Yeah. That's a Kimchi Oyster Po'boy that there is. From HRD Coffee Shop in SoMa, San Francisco.

Um. Yeah. That's a Kimchi Oyster Po'boy that there is. From HRD Coffee Shop in SoMa, San Francisco.

I ate lots of yummy stuff.  Here's a couple photos I just have to share. 


Now I'll be heading to the East Coast trucking from New York to Philly with a final stop in DC to host Kollaboration DC, the premiere Asian American talent show on Saturday, September 28th. What an honor!

Kollaboration is an organization founded many years ago by fellow comic Paul "PK" Kim and friends. I remember they were putting up talent shows featuring Asian American performers in K-town in Los Angeles for the longest time! I really respect what they've done to "franchise" Kollaboration. It's crazy. Nearly every major city in America has a "Kollaboration" organization equipped to scout, highlight and showcase up-and-coming young talent in our communities.

I remember trying out for the Kollaboration Los Angeles show a few years ago during the FIRST year that I started performing standup. I really don't know why because I was such an inexperienced baby comic to do that. But I thought, why not? I did not get onto the show, but it was one of the first times I experienced an "audition" room - just one of the many experiences that I'll need to have in order to succeed as a performer.   Here's the fllyer, with my mouth all wide open catching flies (I hold them and protect them).


Then it'll be Portland, Oregon! October 5th our next big Dis/orient/ed Comedy show at the Helium Comedy Club!  I know. Outta control fun. Here's our flyer - graced with the original art by Portland artists and good friends Ann and Alex Chiu.

I really love Portland and staying in the Southeast area. There's this super affordable and delicious Vietnamese bakery that has EVERYTHING.  You'll likely find me eating there everyday or taking a huge bag o goodies to go.


October 18th Dis/orient/ed Comedy has the honor of presenting a portion of our comedy show for the Ethnic Studies conference at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. We're gonna bring them some of our standup goodness and feature local Harvard undergraduate student Sierra Katow on the lineup too! (I'm also intrigued by this gig because I was actually considering going to Wellesley College during those young college selection days. Aaaah. Dumb youth. It's like I'll get to see what it could've been like if I chose Wellesley over Swarthmore College. I do believe at Wellesley I would've experienced similar earthy white girls encouraging me to "free myself" and go skinny-dipping with them.)


Then I round out the fall with a November 2nd fundraising show presented by National Asian American Pacific Islander, Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA), Asian Pacific Islander Disability in California (APIDC), and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC)! Mental health issues in our community is something that is near to my heart and this was just the perfect fit.  Before I started standup comedy, I was very touched by the inspired work of long-time solo performer and comedian Kristina Wong - specifically her "Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" solo show (That is now on DVD and getting official big time distribution! )  This will be a great instance of my personal interests meshing with my comedic art.


I shall probably be getting back onto a TV production (crosses fingers) or hunting down some part-time work. 'Tis the cycle of the seasons until writing and comedy feeds my Children (and by children, I mean my mouth, whom I've named "Children".)

Got any suggestions for places to eat in these cities?! ALWAYS looking for tasty tips.  COMMENT BELOW!