It's already the end of 2014?! November is one of my fav months because it's the month of my birthday, there is crisp Fall weather AND it's National Novel Writing Month!  This year I will work on my first screenplay. I don't know how I'll "measure" progress. But writing every day on it is the goal.

In 2012, I tried my hand at a novel - without an outline. Egads! It was super fun and intense though. Let's just say "Jenny Chang: Nubian Queen" will never see the light of day.

Last year I opted to do a short story a day. It was super rewarding because it forced me to just get something done. Stories don't have to be EPIC. They can just capture a moment in your day. It also gave me a reason to stretch my imagination more.  In fact, I generated some cool, raw ideas from that month. Need to take some time to review the work more deeply. If you are curious about my panicked #NaNoWriMo psyche, see below for the raw stories I posted to my blog under #AStoryADay. A lot of them are weird and unfinished. Sometimes they are totally random. CREATIVITY!

What will you be working on? Let me know in the comments! And let's check in. I will be posting this month about my screenplay-writing process.

Overview of #AStoryADay for #NaNoWriMo 2013. STORIES!


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