Every week we will post a quick roundup of lessons learned during this past week's work by each of our #Nexternship interns. We hope that even though YOU are not able to be Jenny's intern, you can learn through our fearless team! Every week, they answer three of the same questions. SOAK IN THE GOODNESS. Read more about them here.

Week 1 started a couple of weeks ago for ONE of our FOUR interns for this term. So this week we will catch up and post all three weeks. Check here later for WEEK 2 and WEEK 3 REFLECTIONS.

Claire Zhuang, Comedy Writing

1. What made you feel uncomfortable this week and why? What can you do differently next time, if anything?

I often felt as though I did not belong in the writer’s room as an intern, especially when all the writers were present. I was given permission to be there, but at the end of the day on Friday (7/21) when the writers were pitching to the showrunner, I left the room on my own accord even though no one asked me to. In the moment, it was unclear to me why I felt compelled to leave. Next time, I will ask myself why I want to leave or what’s making me leave. I might step out for a moment, but should feel free to re-enter the room to continue observing and learning. I recognize that it can be anxiety-inducing and intimidating to be in such a room, but I should I do my best to remain present and overcome the fear.  

2. I didn’t know that I didn’t know....

People will help you and explain things to you. However, if you ever want to know more or are unsure about anything, just ask.

3. What else did you learn this week that will be helpful to other people who are interested in pursuing the entertainment industry?

There is a hierarchy for each show, and each department within that show. Learn it.