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#AStoryADay: story 15. early late bloomers


#AStoryADay: story 15. early late bloomers

to celebrate national novel writing month (or the unfortunately nicknamed "NaNoWriMo") this year i will spare myself the white-hair-inducing effects of writing 50,000 words in the month of November by writing a story a day.

these stories will be of any length and veer into any territory i wish. the idea is for me to write one a day for every day of november. these will be first drafts with minimal editing.

if you are into any of it. please comment below! perhaps you can help me figure out if there's ANYthing in these stories worth adapting or polishing into something awesome.

story 15.  early late bloomers  (by jenny yang. sunday, november 17, 2013)

when two people with glasses decide to kiss what happens to those glasses?

i had to ask my friend aja. she was my first friend in the world.

“i think you get the boy to take it off for you” she said with cotton candy in her hazel eyes.

aja’s eyes were not that big. but relative to her tiny petite body and small red-haired head, her eyes were huge. they were the first things i noticed when we first met in the first grade.

she was my first “american” friend. i bet if that first friend was asian i wouldn’t have thought that.  when we were freshly immigrated from taiwan and i was five years old, white americans were the “americans” and the “foreigners.”  and aja was as “foreign” to me as it got: red hair, pale skin, freckles and eyes.  i don’t think she caught on to this, but that first year were were friends and i was barely fluent in english, i would just stare at the freckles on her cheeks while we played with her barbies. when she looked up and noticed my eyes, i’d quickly ask her a question about the barbies, like that was what i was going to do all along....