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#AStoryADay: story 18. my beans are magic


#AStoryADay: story 18. my beans are magic

to celebrate national novel writing month (or the unfortunately nicknamed "NaNoWriMo") this year i will spare myself the white-hair-inducing effects of writing 50,000 words in the month of November by writing a story a day.

these stories will be of any length and veer into any territory i wish. the idea is for me to write one a day for every day of november. these will be first drafts with minimal editing.

if you are into any of it. please comment below! perhaps you can help me figure out if there's ANYthing in these stories worth adapting or polishing into something awesome.

story 18. my beans are magic.  (by jenny yang. thursday, november 21, 2013)

“take more. there is so much more.” mom threw another bag of pinto beans into my arms.

“i already have five.”

“give them to your friends.” mom’s bean game overfloweth.

i walked with her to the pantry, which was actually a huge old blonde-wood six-drawer dresser sitting in our dining room.

“see. look.” she opened up ever drawer, and ever drawer had sacks of red, pinto and white beans.  mostly pinto beans.

“remember our first car in america was a pinto?” she chuckled. “piece of crap.”

“this is great mom. this will last me forever.”

“give it to your friends! you can’t eat all that. we have more. your dad just keeps getting it from that place.”

mom and dad have been senior citizens all my life. i was the accidental baby.  they’ve gotten this senior racket down....