Tired of being a "GOOD ASIAN"? Do you secretly want to do what makes you happy?

Let's redefine "success" one failure at a time...and start kicking ass.

Explore this collection of blogs and essays written and curated by writer and standup comic Jenny Yang.



#AGoodAsian: Live-Tweeting Badass Jeopardy NerdGod Arthur Chu #ChuOnThis

You know who's #AGoodAsian? Someone who is EXTRA Asian American nerdy then goes on national television to win at Jeopardy, be called a "thug," and has ZERO shame about it. THAT'S #AGoodAsian.


#ChuOnThis is the hashtag to follow.  

And I will tweeting with my good buddy Angry Asian Man, Phil Yu. Follow us at and

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#AGoodAsian: Diary Honesty from Little Clarissa Wei

Who would share entries from their childhood diaries? Writer and certified food enthusiast Clarissa Wei did. And she did it with all the beauty and vulnerability that comes with sharing your most honest thoughts with the world. [continue reading]

#AGoodAsian: How To Be A Good Asian is now a ZINE!

Yup!  In addition to this blog, I've made a hard-copy self-published, short-run ZINE that you can hold in your own hand - "How To Be A Good Asian: Redefining success one failure at a time"!  The first issue came out in December 2013 with fifty copies and it has already sold out!  Don't worry! More issues to come! The first one featured a Jeremy Lin paper doll (that I drew because...well...I wanted to. And i wanted to dress Jeremy Lin up in different outfits so he can break out of his Harvard-educated NBA basketball playing box). [continue reading]

#AGoodAsian: Break Out of That Tiger Cage, Gary Chan!

This is the story of how I met Gary Chan. It is also the story of how I got inspired to write these series of blog posts as a way of redefining "How To Be A Good Asian."

Redefining what it means to be "A Good Asian" is a lifelong process for me - I had plenty of reasons in my own life to figure this out for myself and with my good friends in private chats. For example, after I started performing stand-up comedy and talking about quitting my previous career, so many people in my audiences (many Asian American) would come up to me and say they wanted to do that too but were so afraid. I wrote about that in a previous blog: "I want to be a Good Asian, but now I want to do what I love."...[continue reading]


#AGoodAsian: "How To Be A Good Asian"! COMING SOON

I'm so excited to announce that I will be publishing a new series of blogs about "HOW TO BE A GOOD ASIAN" - my way of redefining what it means to be a "GOOD ASIAN" and live happier more fulfilling lives. It's gonna be the blog I WISH I could've read when I was coming up in middle school and high school.

OH. You heard that right.  LEMME 'SPLAIN.

I grew up being a "GOOD ASIAN" any immigrant parent would LOVE. Stay out of trouble, straight As, president of student organizations, got into top schools like Swarthmore, Harvard and MIT, scholarships and fellowships.  Like, ferreals, if you needed to copy off of someone in class, I'd be your top pick.

But deep inside, I was LOST.  [continue reading]

How To Be #AGoodAsian is also a ZINE!

Zines are hard-copy versions that you can hold in your hand.  The printings also tend to be small so they disappear fast!


Every zine features original content not featured on this blog including paper dolls of cool Asian Americans!  

I write the zines to be rated "G" so that folks as young as middle school age can read it and not be too surprised by the language or content. 

If you are interested in getting your own copy of the zine, email for instructions!