Are you //next up// FOR A career in comedy+entertainment?
Become a "nextern" with Jenny YANG and Disoriented comedy!


Ready to make the leap and pursue a creative career?

Jenny is looking for passionate and talented folks interested in creating socially-relevant content and learning the business of comedy and entertainment.  We want ambitious and motivated individuals who are are interested in digital media production, comedy writing, video production, art and design, publicity and communications, and business development.


This is an educational INTERNSHIP and MENTORSHIP program. You bring your energy, skills and excitement to learn and Jenny will bring the guidance, support and motivation.  NEXTERNS can be Southern California-based or work remotely but Los-Angeles-based folks will get priority consideration.

For this Summer-Fall 2017 //NEXT UP// Internship Cycle you will become the inaugural class of NEXTERNS taking the work of Disoriented Comedy and The Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival to the next level.

This is our time. 



  1. COVER LETTER+RESUME+WORK SAMPLE. Send a cover letter, resume and work sampe to contact [at] with "Last Name - [Internship Cycle] - Position(s)" in the subject line.

  2. REFERENCES. In your cover letter, please include 2 professional references.

    • Each reference should include the first name, last name, title/position, organization/affiliation, email address and phone number.

    • These can be professors, teachers, mentors or co-workers who have first-hand experience of your skills and character in a work environment.

    • Please make sure they have agreed to be listed as a reference (that’s just good etiquette).

  3. APPLICATION FORM (LINK). Complete the application form. Those who apply sooner will be given priority consideration.

  4. COMPENSATION/EDUCATIONAL CREDIT. Our internship positions are non-paid and are for school credit only. Working for school credit is a requirement and we must receive documentation from your school authorizing your work for credit.

  5. Your application will only be considered COMPLETE if you fill out the APPLICATION FORM and send us an email with your cover letter, resume AND work sample.


Internship Cycles

Please specify the CYCLE you are interested in. If your school credit require a different time duration please specify that in your email. Start and end dates are flexible.

FALL-WINTER: August, October, November 2017

WINTER-SPRING: January, February, March 2018

SPRING-SUMMER: April, May, June 2018



We are looking for multiple interns in each category. We do not have a limit or quota on how many we bring on board. We're just looking for the right people for the right positions.

Photo of Jenny. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

Photo of Jenny. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

business development intern

This intern will learn the ins and outs of gaining support and funding for Disoriented Comedy shows and The Comedy Comedy Festival. Jenny will teach you how to develop, budget for and execute a successful comedy show and festival. Consider this a workshop in persuasion and business savvy.

  • The Comedy Comedy Festival Sponsorship Kit writing, development and design
  • Contact list management and communications. Includes guidance on productive relationship management and business communications.
  • Basic business analysis aka FUN WITH SPREADSHEETS.
  • Works closely with the Design and Digital Media Intern(s).


  • Basic competency with Excel spreadsheets.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Business and comedy interest a huge plus.
Another photo of Jenny. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

Another photo of Jenny. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

Comedy writing intern

Are you an aspiring comedian or comedic writer? Have you tried standup, sketch, improvised comedy or just love writing in general with a comedic edge? Jenny is looking for someone who can assist with note-taking and managing of comedy projects with an opportunity to pitch ideas and see them get on stage or online. 


  • Comedy writing or performance experience - beginner to advanced.
  • Organized and detail-oriented.
  • Excellent writing skills.
And another photo of Jenny. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

And another photo of Jenny. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

Video Production intern

Are you a filmmaker or have an interest in video production? Looking for an production intern interested in Los Angeles-based video production for digital platforms.


  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and other post-production applications.
  • Experience with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • (BONUS) On-set production assistant experience. Experience with sound, lighting and video equipment.
  • Location: Video Production Interns must be Southern California-based and have access to a private vehicle.
She didn't know what to do for internship images so she included photos of herself. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

She didn't know what to do for internship images so she included photos of herself. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

live event production intern

Learn the business of booking, promoting and executing a live comedy event. It's a lot of work but you learn how to conquer the world one event at a time.

  • Mailchimp email list management and Eventbrite ticket management system.
  • Talent Relations: Email and phone communications with talent, talent booking.
  • Venue communications. Learn about how to handle rental, reservations, sound, tech and space requirements for booking venues.
  • Basic social media and digital publicity event updates.
  • (Depending on cycle) Coordinate, produce and book the September 2017 American Idle spaceout competition livestreamed event. (See last year’s livestream archived here and event information here.)


  • Excellent organizational skills and detail-oriented abilities. 
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • (BONUS) Experience with Excel spreadsheets, Mailchimp or Eventbrite.
  • Location: Live Event Production Interns must be Southern California-based and have access to a private vehicle.
That's why she really needs a graphic design intern. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

That's why she really needs a graphic design intern. Photo: Mai-Linh Nguyen

design+marketing intern

You want to make things beautiful, pop and communicate. You want to reach the broadest audience possible with your fresh designs and snappy copy. Join us in building our brand.

  • Photo management, editing and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) updating, writing and scheduling.
  • Writing monthly email newsletters using Mailchimp email list management.
  • Website updates.
  • Flyer and publicity graphic design.
  • Training will include press release writing and media contact relations.


  • Excellent organizational and writing skills.
  • Graphic design experience with Adobe Photoshop and other editing software.