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So this is the story of HOW I GOT #AzizAnsari TO BRING ME COOKIES AND MILK. We were both on a non-stop flight from New York to Los Angeles.

He was in business class and, well, I was not.



A conversation with gilmore girls' keiko agena

STAGE & CANDOR. Written by Jenny Yang. Art by Michelle Tse. December 22, 2016

In December, I sat down with my dear friend and collaborator Keiko Agena, to debrief this latest Gilmore Girls mini-series madness and what it’s like to be an Asian American actor and comedian in today’s media landscape. Feel free to imagine this conversation punctuated with lots of giggles and cackles of love and delight...

"it was not nothing"

"It Was Not Nothing" - a childhood story on "I believe you / It's not your fault," a viral Tumblr project to help young folks cope with issues of emotional and sexual abuse. Check out the BBC News video that features Jenny and the project.

how to do korean spas. don't just relax. relax hard.

It's a New Year! Get yourself right at the Korean spa. Here are four tips for newbies who want to experience the most intense relaxation known to man...